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Jumbo Kids is part of the Podar Education Group, which is a dynamic, constantly evolving nucleus, imparting education at various levels, and was established in 1927, that is more than  80 yrs in the education field.
The first president of the Podar Group was Mahatma Gandhi and we are proud to follow his educational philosophy in nurturing children.

Mahatma Gandhi said that,’ Real education consists in drawing out the best out of yourself’, and that is what we aim to do at Podar Jumbo Kids. We don’t test or rank children or  make them aware of their faults and weakness, instead we help them identify their potential and create happy learners by implementing the Head, Heart and Hand philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi.

At Podar Jumbo Kids , childrena are trained by the philosopy of 'Kiducation' - a term that describes the educational method that we follow - education, for a child, based on the development need of the child.

'Kiducation' is a unique philosophy that nurtures a child with both academic skills (reading, writing, and number work) and with life skills (emotional and social understanding). This gives children a strong foundation for future education and growth.

At Podar Jumbo Kids, the childs intelligences are developed and nurtured so that the child becomes a success in all future activities be it exploration, technology, science etc.

  1. Physical Skills
  2. Emotional Skills
  3. Communication or language skills
  4. Cognitive or intellectual skills
  5. Social Skills