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Podar Jumbo Kids - Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh

Podar Jumbo Kids - Gandhinagar, Gujarat

Respected Sapana Madam and Richa Madam,

I am writing this email to thank Podar School for providing quality education in a pleasant atmosphere.

When we returned from Dubai, we were a little tense and worried in selection of school for our kid where he can find almost similar schooling that he was used to get there.

We are of the opinion that a pre-school should teach kids new things in a way that the kids would feel that they playing while they are actually learning something new. They truly need appropriate attention, love and care at this age.

A kid is considered as a God's gift and so is a very special. They are indeed creative and have their own ideas that they express in their own way. As the expression of their ideas may not be as clear as it should be, they would need enough space and cooperation to express it fully.

We are grateful to Richa Madam for their detailed explanation of how Podar Jambo works and how this play school differs from others.

We thank a ton to our kid's teacher Sapana Madam for taking gentle care when he is in the school. He is found eager to attend school (even on Sundays), so we believe that he is feeling much better here that Dubai, thanks again!

Aum's Parents (Jr KG - B)
Parul Madhu & Kamlesh Madhu

Podar Jumbo Kids - Vasvani Road, Mumbai

Podar Jumbo Kids - Worli, Mumbai

Ananya has greatly enjoyed the class and curriculum at the playschool

All her teachers, Rukhsar, Akshita, Snehal – have all been very instrumental in helping her settle down and adjust to this big change of attending school. They are extremely patient, loving and assertive – all great must haves for teaching this age group.

Ananya is very happy while going to school and also on coming back which indicates her comfort level with the teachers and class activities.

The school has also kept us well informed about schedule, occurrences and updates and inviting us for interactive events like Sing Along which help us understand and see our children in school environment

The curriculum has been very diverse, with English as well as hindi rhymes, art activities, sign language.

Overall – we are happy with the school and curriculum. Diana does a great job at mentoring and coaching the teachers and its evident from her interactions during the activities that she is very involved and keenly interested in the kids development.

Kaumudi Oak
- Parent of Ananya Oak

Mr Sunil Yadav

Podar Jumbo Kids - Kamothe, Navi Mumbai

It was a great fun at Podar Jumbo Kids, Kamothe on Fathers day function @ 22th June. The Games, the Music was AWESOME....

I always used to hav this fun at home with my princess but at school it was much much different on that day. Only an hour we spent there but it was the bounding of a endless period. It brought me nearer to my princess and I really could feel how she looks at me...

The first Greeting card ever I received from my princess is on the father's day which was made in school even the handmade photoframe gifted at school with photograph of self & my princess is really really memorable and beautiful.

I am really grateful to PODAR JUMBO KIDS, KAMOTHE for giving such a wonderful time and memorable experience , Thanks a ton.....!

Manoj Deshpande

Podar Jumbo Kids - Rajarajeshwarinagara, Bengaluru

Podar Jumbo Kids - Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Dear Swati Madam,

How are you? It's been long time I was planning to email you regarding my son's progress in Podar Jumbo Kids, Kolhapur. At the age of 3, we enrolled him in one of the big school in Kolhapur but we were not satisfied the way they handled the kids.

With reference to one of our friend we enrolled our child in Podar Jumbo Kids, Kolhapur and the things changed drastically, it was kind of learning path for parents. We managed to attained all events and very impressed with the efforts been taken by all the staff members in Jumbo Kids.

The annual day function and the Exit orientation for parents was mind blowing. The power point presentation content was extremely good. I could learn lot of things out of it and we got an opportunity as a parent to rectify our mistakes. The content was not just a simple formal power point presentation but it had deep meaning, great logic and intensive research behind it. We are encouraging other friends to enroll their kids in Podar Jumbo Kids.

My son Aneesh has never enjoyed his previous school but he loves to go to Podar Jumbo Kids. He has improved his English communication and also vocabulary, we are just following feedback given in the parent meeting and the daily home play.

I think teachers are taking lots of effort on every individual kid and that's why it's possible. We find us very lucky to have our child with Podar Jumbo Kids.

I would love to share one of his video clipping where my son is making his own story and conversing in English very well. If it's alright with you I can email you the video.

Thanks and regards,

Deelip & Trupti Mahajan

Podar Jumbo Kids - Aundh, Maharashtra

Dear Mam,

The annual day function held yesterday, was so good, that I could not prevent myself from opening my Gmail account to write the feedback from my current busy office schedule.

I would like to appreciate the organized manner in which the function was held. I admire the enthusiasm of all the teachers and support staff.

Being a parent myself, I know its really not easy to make kids follow instructions and dance so well. You bought all the performances as a big surprise for the parents. It was amazing watching them performing so confidently on the stage and I appreciate the efforts of the Choreographer for each item presented.

The theme chosen was awesome. What I always like of your program is the 'Entertainment along with Learning' experience which you give to the parents. It is true in terms of 'Yahoo' television experience as well as 'News Channel' theme which you presented yesterday.

I would specially like to appreciate Archana Mam for the role of 'Sheela'. It was so fluent and I would say, it is not easy to make people hold their eyes on a 'Doll'. But Mam, with your voice behind, you actually made it happen.

I always admire the sporting performance by all the teachers. It gives a 'feel to follow' in kids mind with a view that it's not just 'they' who perform, but its also their teachers!

Thanks for a lovely evening and memories that would stay forever with us!

Gita Gosavi

Podar Jumbo Kids - Malleshwaram, Bangalore.

Dear Sridevi,
Sorry for the long pending feedback on both the events.

Annual Day at Baal Bhavan--The very idea was excellent, we all at home actually were jealous of Shreyansh, because we never had the privilege of going to Baal Bhavan for School function...have promised to take him there again, once his sister's exams get over.

The function was very well organised, props used on stage were too good, costume was very apt.

Nice to see kids, teachers as well as parents involvement in the event. I'm sorry, I missed the prop making event.

Most surprising was that you had chosen songs in the regional language also for the dances, which is very rare nowadays, though it is very nice to add Kannada songs, and give equal importance to regional language many schools miss out on that. Kudos to Sridevi, Kalyan & Podar team for this.

I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Baal Bhavan with the kids... It was indeed a day well spent... You even recognised parents for their participation of various kinds.

Overall the program was very good. It would have been nice if the program was held in the evening as many more could have attended, as it was a working day for few of the parents.

Coming to Fancy Dress, the theme selection was superb. It was nice to see tiny tots graduating from Podar!!!

Request you to give advance notice in future for events like fancy dress to enable us to prepare for the same, Only two evenings were too short of a period.

That's it for now... looking forward for similar exciting and fantabulous learning journey of two more years at Podar, Malleshwaram.

Shreyansh would be continuing his LKG & UKG too at Podar. Will get the admissions done at the earliest.

Rekha S. Herenjal
Shreyansh's Mom

Podar Jumbo Kids - Rajarajeshwarinagar, Bangalore.

Dear Nikila My heartfelt big thank you to you and your team for making my daughters early schooling years so perfect and making her shine in not only academics ,but also in extracurricular activities. She has scored 45 out of 50 in the test conducted here in Dubai for admission to 1st std,all teachers here were in full appreciation for her ahd her teachers.All credits to you and your team. Ashmitha is missing jumbokids and her friends a lot she wants to come back to jumbokids.I am also missing jumbokids and its events,all of us are still cherishing the annual day memories. We never realised how those 4 years passed in jumbokids,ashmithas overall progress has given us so much satisfaction that we are very happy that we had put her in the best school which we always dreamt of.Now we are proud that our dreams are realised and we have given the best to our child. We will miss you a lot,we wish you all the best for your future endeavours in making dreams come true for many parents like us and brighten the future of our country by creating tomorrows best citizens through your excellent school.

Thanking you Dr.Geetha and Dr.Chidanand

Ashmithas parents

Podar Jumbo Kids - Goregaon (West)

Dear Madam,

Congratulations on your succcessful organisation of the Annual Day!

First of all I'll like to congratulate the center heads as well as the teachers and the support staff for making this a big success. I could not believe the little ones coming on stage and performing. I myself could not stand on stage till I was in the 3rd class, and I still remember that moment. Also I realised that the tracks chosen were a little longer which kept the little ones on stage for a good time. Good studied choice again.

As for the teachers, special mention should be made for the spirit and passion of Ms Shagufta for standing the entire duration and helping the kids and cheering them, irrespective of going through the trauma of an accident..This could only happen in a happy family environment, which I believe it s at Podar Jumbo Plus, Goregaon.

Last but not the least, the pep talk given by Ms Swati Vats. Her talk was really motivating and made us realise the importance of a formidable childhood in a human life.

Congratulations once again and hope to see many such successful events in the future.

Sedrick Alex D'mello

Podar Jumbo Kids - Mira Road

Mrs. Reshma Shaikh
Parent of Mohammed Ibrahim Shaikh

Good day,

As a parent, in reply to your thanks giving email, would like say that the entire credit of the annual day success goes to your team of wonderful teachers ,caring didis and the perfect supervison n management by nilum mam n sir.

I truly enjoyed, and those very few hours simply made my day. The theme was so appropriately chosen, the songs were peppy and most of them refreshed my childhood memories. I loved Hema teachers theme introduction act. All the performances were beautiful and so was aishas performance. I can see a postive change and enhancement in aishas learning, behaviour, creativity and overall personality and thoughts. Most importantly, aisha was very excited,involved and happy throughout the annual day preperations and enjoyed the finalday a lot. Infact she's still carrying the hangover. What more does a parent need?

Last but not the least, I would specially like to appreciate a childs performance from the class. I do not know the name but yes she was a part of the lezium dance. I felt her costume was getting loose but she did not give up and continued her performance with grace and confidence, although she was slightly uncomfortable. If we look at it, its a small thing for us but for a child to carry it off is truly remarkable.

Finally,the annual day was rocking. All my praises and best wishes to Podar Jumbokids Mira Road team.

Thanking you,

Parent of Aisha

Podar Jumbo Kids - Ulhasnagar

Podar Jumbo Kids - Nerul

Hello Ms Swati,

I am the parent of a child- Mitali Kaul, who is studying in the Sr. Kg Section B, in your Nerul Branch. Mitali is a special child, she is a high functioning child in the autistic spectrum. She has been in you school for more than 2 years now.

I would like to mention the support and good work done by the the headmistress, teahers and the didis of the school.

Starting from Ms. Brinda, Ms. Ulka, Ms. Rashmi and Mitali's teachers Ms Priya Sridhar(earlier teacher), Ms. Nidhi(earlier teacher), Ms. Preeti Kaur(earlier teacher), Ms. Anamika(earlier teacher) and not to forget the Didis for her present and previous class, all the people have got together and supported the child.

We always believed that our child had the ability and with the right kind of support she can grown into a confident and self-sustained individual, who can contribute to the society. This belief has been strengthened by the support of your school , whose patient and caring approach has helped Mitali integrate in the school environment.

I am very sure that this would not have been possible without the vision and the guidance of a able leader like you who is truly involved and concerned about the future of the children. We have read your books in our family and are really happy to know that our child goes to a school under your leadership.

I take this opportunity to thank you and all the teachers and the headmistress and the didis again, who have helped my daughter so far and am very sure that with this support my child is going to achive her true potential.

Thank you again!

Ashish Kaul
Parent of Mitali Kaul

Podar Jumbo Kids - Kalyan

Hello Ma'am,

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you and master Aditya's teachers (Ms Anagha, Ms Leji) for all the efforts put in him to open up as an individual. I have noticed remarkable changes in his personality, and more importantly, I can notice him now mingling with everyone. Earlier, he was introvert, but now I see him reasonably comfortable even with new people.

During last open house, you brought this to our attention and also enterprisingly promised to specifically work on his shy nature to turn him into a confident and interactive individual by end of his kindergarten. I can already see the results in past few weeks - which vouches for the concentrated efforts invested by you and the teachers at Podar Jumbo Kids. I understand their may be a lot to go still, but I wouldn't miss to bring to your notice every little progress that I see.

I want to genuinely wish everyone all the very best in their endeavours.


Warm regards,
Mr. Ashok Purohit

Sushama Teacher is an icon for my kid. We see our kid appreciating her teaching and loving bondage as a teacher.

Mr. Vinod Zalte (Father of Bhavik Zalte)

Podar Jumbo Kids - Malad

Dear Diana Ma'am

I would like to take a few minutes to take the time to put in writing and to acknowledge and appreciate all that you'll do daily for my child and to thank you and all the teaching and non teaching staff at PJK –Worli for the love , understanding and education that they are imparting to my son.

We have completed one term and could not be happier, with our son's progress since joining the school.

From a child who used to cry daily and have tantrums for going to school, would not ever show interest in telling us what he did there or speak and communicate much, he has become a happy camper, looks forward to going to school , always shares what he did in class, enjoys seeing pictures of his class mates on Facebook , and is a chatterbox always questioning the how and why around him. He even enjoys doing his Home play!!

Our previous experiences with schools had the teachers /principal always calling us in and complaining how our son is disruptive, does not grasp, does not understand, refuses to listen and all such comments in a negative vein, and basically being said as if they are doing a massive favour by having my son in their school. This negativity was also sensed by my child who reacted to it by being even more disruptive.

I know that my child did not morph into someone else overnight, but I have never once heard a negative comment for him, or a complaint from anyone in this school. Whatever comments have been made , have always been focused on how he is progressing and in a positive manner . I was also extremely proud of his achievement book and have scanned and kept each page as a pleasant memory.

I firmly believe that my son feels wanted and accepted here , senses that and is so very fond of his teachers ( Aziza teacher, Payal teacher, Mithra teacher, Mayuri teacher, Ruksar Ma'am and Diana Ma'am ) that he makes up little conversations and songs about them.

PJK- Worli accepted my child within a day even after being informed that the previous schools considered him a problem and I firmly believe that God works in his own mysterious ways , and today am really happy and grateful that we were guided to your school and do not question our choice in the least. It is a pleasure to drop our child off every morning in the care of lovely teachers who make the effort to welcome each child with a smile and a cheery Good Morning.

Once again a truly heartfelt thank you to you, Diana Ma'am, and to each and every staff member of PJK –Worli.

You'll have shown me what a great difference good committed and compassionate educationists can make . May there be many more educationists like you'll.

Happy and proud to be associated with the PJK- Worli family !!

Very Best Regards
Simonil Bamji

I with my family thoroughly enjoyed the event on 2nd Oct 2012 on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi.

My daughter, Mrudula Pradeep Rane, studying in Jr. Kg performed 2 bhajans 'Vaishnav janato...' and 'Raghupati ragav…' along with the song 'Dedi hamee azadi...'

Seeing her performing so confidently on stage with no fear of audience I was very happy. The whole and sole credit goes to her school Podar Jumbo Kids, Aundh along with her teachers.

I am thankful for this from bottom of my heart.

This is also a result of various activities conducted in the school throughout the year. This actually made her fearless of the stage and audience.

It is not only my daughter but all the children's who performed, were present on the stage with full confidence. The children's enjoyed this event. Once again thanks to Podar Jumbo Kids Aundh and all the teacher's.

This showed the efforts that children's took along with there teachers to make this day and this event a truly successful event.

Looking at all the grand parents of her friends she missed her 'Dada - Dadi and Nana Nani' a lots.

They were not present in Pune, and hence were not able to attend this event with her.

A humble request, in future, may be on 26th Jan 2013, please plan for a Grand parent's day again. So that she can get her grand parents with her for the school event.

Also conducting these events gives a very good advantage of - Children's knowing the importance of these days from there childhood. I personally think this is very important.

Once again thanks for such a wonderful event and looking forward for the same in future.

Sanjana Pradeep Rane
Parent of Mrudula Pradeep Rane

A heartfelt Thanks to Podar Happy Kids, Bannerghatta Road, for taking care of Sudiksha (Dikkhu) so well. Dikkhu has been going to Happy Kids since she was 1 year 4 months old, and now she is 4+ years, so we have been associated with the school for almost 3 years. The school is like second home to Dikkhu, she loves going to school. Sometimes, even on a Saturday she wants to go to school, when it is actually a holiday. Frankly, starting with her toilet training to chewing and eating all have been trained in school.

If Happy Kids was not there first of all it would have been impossible for me to work.

Of course, in these 3 years there have been certain issues too, but tell me where do we don't face issues? At work, at home and everywhere issues will be there but a good handling of the same is all that matters. And that is what Mrs Preethi Vikram scores – what we really appreciate is that everything we have pointed out has been addressed with sincerity.

Many thanks for your support in bringing our daughter up.

Soma Hazra (Ghosh) & Abhijit Ghosh
Parents of Sudiksha Ghosh
Bannerghatta Road

I am Kajori Jain, parent of Aashna Jain, studying at podar jumbo kids andheri east, I just wanted to my convey my thanks for all the initiatives and special child learning programs conducted by Podar Jumbo kids andheri east. I am really happy the way they approach each and every festival and learning program. My child has developed a lot in this span of time. Beautiful and simple co-ordination has made learning so easy.

Thanks again for these initiatives. I wish all the very best to you and your school.

Thanks and best regards,
Kajori Jain

We are glad to share our experience with Podar Jumbo Kids Mira Road. Our journey with you began four years ago in 2008. We were new in Mira Road and had no idea about the schools here and someone suggested we go and check out Podar Jumbo Kids. We visited the Mira Road center and were impressed with the things around so we decided we will get our son's admission without second thoughts. And we are glad we did that.

Initially, like any other kid(ourselves included in our times) Musah used to be a bit cranky to go to school but that was only till he reached the school gate. As soon as he entered he used to forget how much fuss he had made to come there. Gradually all that went away and he started to enjoy going to school. He started to come back home and share what he did in school as he grew up. And not only him but even we started to enjoy the whole experience. We started to enjoy the dances which the kids presented on the stage at the ages of two and a half years. All this was really amazing.

The way our kids are taught just reflects all the hard work put in by the excellent teachers your school has. We would really like to thank all the teachers including the center head for playing a very important role in the nurturing of our child in the early and important stage of his life. The way our kids are taught the basics in a fun way is just amazing. These kids unlike any other kids i have seen are fearless on the stage. also because of the activities which includes parents has narrowed the gap between the kids and ourselves and our kid feels free to come and talk to us about anything just like our friend.

We as parents too have learnt to be comfortable in discussing many things with our kid which in an otherwise situation would have been really difficult for us. We have been given feedback too which helps us a great deal in improving ourselves as parents. It is just unbelievable the way our kid (at 6 years of age) knows about child birth and also knows how to explain the whole procedure in a very clean and matured manner. Thanks to you guys. You have made our child stand out in an audience for the way he speaks with confidence and an outgoing attitude.

I would also like to mention that i love cricket and my wife does not. But just because of our son she too participated in the Cricket League. And guess what, she loved it too. We love the way we are encouraged to participate in the events too, be it making a train for him, or making him a sunflower, a lion, a plane, a parrot or cooking with him. It has been a wonderful journey overall and we are finding it difficult to believe that this journey is over. Once again we would like to thank every single person, Neelam madam, Mihir sir, Hema teacher, Farheen Teacher(Pardon us for not naming all but all are included), all the didis too including Kushi aunty. We wish Podar has a school till 10th STD in Mira Road too. I believe not a single parent would part from you.

Once again thank you for everything and we are leaving with a beautiful experience and some wonderful memories.

Priya Khan & Ilyas Khan.
Musah Khan's parents