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    What is the admission process?
    Parents to come to the admission office and collect the Podar Jumbo Kids registration kit. A completed application form along with the cheque for 1st term fees is to be returned by the parents to the school office.

    The student will only be considered a confirmed admission once the first term fees are paid by the student.

    What are the documents required at the time of admission?
    For Jumbo Kids – only a Xerox copy of the child’s birth certificate required.

    What kind of entrance test will be taken at the time of admission?
    No entrance test or interview is conducted at Podar Jumbo Kids. Admissions are taken on a first come, first serve basis.
  • AGE
    1. What is the age criteria for Podar Jumbo Kids?
    Section (Academic year 2017/2018) AGE
    Playschool : 2yrs complete as on 31st July 2017
    Nursery : 3yrs complete as on 31st July 2017
    Junior KG : 4yrs complete as on 31st July 2017
    Senior KG : 4yrs 8months complete as on 31st July 2017

    What is the teachers quality at Podar Jumbo Kids ?
    All teachers taken in any Podar Jumbo Kids centre have to undergo extensive training that has been standardized for all Podar Jumbo Kid centers. We ensure that when a teacher enters an actual Podar Jumbo Kids classroom to teach, the teacher has completed all the required training sessions and is able to handle a class while providing the quality we expect.

    We have a zero tolerance policy towards corporal punishment and teachers are trained of how to get their point across to the children without instilling any fear into the children.

    Podar Education Network also has fully fledged teacher training centers where teachers are constantly given refresher training courses.

    What are the modes of transport offered?
    Majority of the Podar Jumbo Kids arrange for transportation for the students. In such a case, an extensive multi route bus facility is offered. Each bus has a lady attendant, conductor and trained driver in the bus. CCTV cameras are also installed in most of the buses. Your safety is our main concern.
    What kind of infrastructure and facilities will be provided by Podar Jumbo Kids?
    State of the art infrastructure is provided in all of our centers. Every centre of Podar Jumbo Kids has ample space for both indoors and outdoor activities. Specially designed child friendly furniture is present in the rooms and corridors. We make sure that the center is colourful, vibrant and clean so children enjoy their time at Podar Jumbo Kids

    Some rooms are equipped with technology such as projectors, interactive hwhiteboards and even Ipads. An international standard computer labs especially for children called the Techno Whiz Kid Lab is also present in some centers.

    What is Podar Jumbo Kids ?
    Podar Jumbo Kids is one of the leading Early Childhood Centers in India. Established in 2000, it has more than 260 centers pan India, each one as happy, committed etc as the first one.

    When Podar Jumbo Kids was launched in year 2000, the trend followed by almost all preschools at that time was the formal teaching methods. A few schools were making waves by using the international format of playway method as well as an international curriculum and international toys. PJK's mother organisation, Podar Education Network, was already in the business of imparting education at various levels, from 1927. The management took a studied decision to set up a preschool that would be both global in its format and curriculum but local in its philosophies, thus giving rise to Podar Jumbo Kids.

    For Podar jumbo kids, parenting and teaching people about parenting has become a mission. With books on parenting and workshops on parenting regularly conducted in the school premises, Podar Jumbo Kids has become a pioneer in Early Childhood Education and good parenting.

    I am looking for a job at Podar. How do I go about applying?
    Please email your resume to or send your resume to General Manager (HR), Podar Center, 85, Parel P.O. Lane, Dr. Ambedkar Road, Mumbai 400 012

    If I get transferred, Is it possible to transfer from one Podar Jumbo Kids to another Podar Jumbo Kids location ?
    Yes. This is possible. Existing Podar students are given first preference with regards to admissions.
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