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  • Language and Literacy based learning outcomes as exposure to language-based activities will develop the ability to listen, understand and communicate with others. Motor skills development based learning outcomes to ensure physical fitness, agility, and sense of balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness.


  • Numeracy based learning outcomes as this enables children to understand and apply mathematical concepts and processes.


  • Our social and emotional learning based outcomes nurtures self esteem in children as children are taught to recognize and label emotions and manage their feelings and behavior that leads to independent and confident learners.


  • Creative and aesthetic awareness based learning outcomes to ensure that children are given opportunities to explore their environment through creative play, art, music and movement.


  • Understanding of the world is nurtured as children have a sense of wonder that is encouraged so that children are curious, ask questions, observe and make sense of the world around them.


  • Knowing right from wrong through our moral, social and value based learning outcomes.


  • Willing to share and take turns and other social learning based outcomes.


  • Children should be comfortable and happy to learn and receive support and nurturing from their teachers, parents and school.