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What happens after signing the franchise agreement till your opening date ?

  1. Once an agreement is signed the franchise attends a 2 day franchise orientation.
  2. Key operations dockets, videos are handed to franchise.
  3. Franchise details are put up on
  4. Franchise starts work at centre and procures the toys and other equipment as given in investment docket.
  5. Franchise appoints centre head and staff.
  6. Franchise sets a date for the launch and also selects a good chief guest.
  7. Franchise staff is trained for set up and launch.
  8. Franchise starts local publicity.
  9. Franchise fee structure is finalised.
  10. Franchise bank account is set up.
  11. Franchise keeps all printing material ready.
  12. Franchise starts admissions.
  13. Franchise staff is trained on curriculum and receives copies of all curriculum.
  14. Franchise receives Business Commencement Certificate from franchisor if centre and staff is ready.
  15. Franchise launches the centre.
  16. Franchise starts operations, orders admission kits.
  17. Franchise hand holding continues to ensure success of centre.
  18. Franchise is trained on all other programs that are revenue models of the brand.
  19. Franchise starts all other revenue models.
  20. Franchise is a JUMBO HAPPY success story.