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Podar Jumbo Kids curriculum integrates global educational practices to create confident and self directed learners, active contributors and concerned citizens of tomorrow.

Open spaces in the school are used for displaying the art activities of the students. All the drawings and paintings of the children are documented as well. So when a parent receives a drawing, the teacher’s documentation about what the child said about his drawing is there for the parent to read.

The schools have many flannel boards or display boards, so that the corridors and classrooms are brimming with children’s voices of their experiences. Projects are done throughout the year in true Reggio style, with day wise progress, and documentation. We have portfolios for every child. This portfolio goes from one class to the next and every teacher upgrades the portfolio. It gives parents and teachers an easy insight into the personality and developmental milestones and achievements of the child.

Montessori education involves three important elements in learning- Brain,  Senses and Muscles. We use the didactic material and the exercises of practical life. Our teachers are trained to understand the sensitive periods of children’s growth. We know that children have an absorbent mind so we support them with many sensorial experiences in the daily curriculum.

The 3 R’s – Rhythm, Reverence and Repetition.

Rhythm – As we are well aware that music and movement has a positive impact on brain development. It is important that this ability is taught right from the early years and what better way to do it, then through songs. At Podar Jumbo Kids, we do it through finger plays and action songs.

Reverence – we support children to revere the environment, to revere nature and to revere everything around them. Our activities of Tel Chi, Yoga, Gardening help children understand themselves and the world around them.

Repetition – children learn by repetition, repetition reinforces concepts and learning in a novel and unusual manner to make it more interesting for children.