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Day care is fast emerging as the need of working parents. With both parents away from home the entire day, the child is either left with a helper at home or in a crèche. In both cases quality care is not available for the child. A crèche will look after the eating and sleeping needs of the child but not enough care is taken about the emotional or social development. When the child is left with the helper at home, he watches TV or whiles away his time and more often than not his language development, social development and emotional development suffers because of the lack of proper care.

Therefore, we also offer a Daycare facility in many of our Podar Jumbo Kids centers so children can learn and grow in a well researched manner at their home away from home.

Podar Jumbo kids Daycare has adopted the unique ‘moving space concept’. The child has difference spaces for every activity.

So at Podar Jumbo kids Plus Daycare we have:

  • The Letter Space :

    With a specially trained teacher and the world famous jolly phonics program, we take care of your child’s reading, writing, spelling and grammar needs.

  • The Number Space :

    A maths expert takes care of number learning through games and activities. Learning number skills becomes appropriate, fun and interesting.

  • Concept Space :

    With the unique concept space , the child explores the world of knowledge, be it fruits, vegetables, animals, colours, flowers, insects and more.

  • The Jump – Twirl And Bounce Studio :

    A special space with the unique sensorial equipment to develop your child’s fine and gross motor skills. This room also has the unique kids yoga program that helps them develop the eye-hand co-ordination and dexterity for perfect physical development.

  • The Creative Space :

    For all the child’s art, craft, drama and entertainment needs.


Corporate Tie ups

In our desire to provide quality to as many people as possible, many Podar Jumbo Kids Daycare centers have established Corporate tie ups. Please get in touch with your Podar Jumbo Kids Daycare center to know more about this and if this facility is available in your center.

Some of the our corporate tie-ups :