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Podar Jumbo Kids believes that Parents form an integral part of a successful early childhood education programme and so active participation in the school life of children is strongly encouraged by us. We aim to maintain a dynamic, interactive and open environment that supports families in raising happy, healthy children.

  • Regular communication
    Regular home-school communication (feedback, concerns, instructions, messages, updates, etc.) can be by phone, email and/or in person or via the school portal-between us.
  • Constant online updates
    Constant updates on the website or on social media platforms are presented through articles and photographs that describe the children’s engagement in classroom projects, activities, school events.
  • Parents’ Curriculum Tea
    Scheduled at the beginning of each term, Parents’ Curriculum Tea Sessions helps us communicate our expectations about the curriculum for the academic year.  At these sessions teachers and parents can establish the platform for sharing feedback, communicate goals and elaborate on teaching, learning and behavior management practices at school to be carried out at home too.
  • Parent-Teacher Conference (PTC) and Student Led Conference (SLC)
    Held every month , PTC enables teachers to share activities, observations and portfolios of children’s work samples with parents, so as to highlight their progress and achievements throughout the month. An additional feature of conference notes helps parents and teachers discuss what works and what needs to be changed in the learning and growing experience of each child both at school and home.SLC is held at the end of the junior and senior kindergarten year when children lead the conference and present their work and achievements to the parents
  • Parents-in-Class
    A quarterly parent-involvement activity where parents are invited into the classroom to participate or volunteer in a variety of classroom activities and events.
  • Online Parent’s Portal
    Developed with the aim of improving communication, this online platform allows parents to connect with their child’s teachers to share insights and suggestions.