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Franchisee Information

What he should put in over the years ?

Every Franchisee plays a key role building a bigger business…

How do you succeed making your Podar Jumbo Kids Centre the most sought after pre-primary school in your area ?

Here are a few helpful hints:

  1. Must visit the ‘Centre’ every day and stay in touch with key staff members.
  2. Must hire quality ‘Staffers’ to make the Centre a qualified success.
  3. Publicity and Promotion is the key to the success and establishment of your business.Unique ideas and material will be supplied.
  4. You cannot ‘save’ on promotion.
  5. Essential to plough back at least 20% of annual profits into the business to retain dynamism and leadership position.
  6. Must be in sync & committed to ‘brand’ philosophy / architecture / practices.
  7. Be ready to expand / grow with a dynamic thrust / commitment.
  8. Be alert / proactive / aware of competitor mindset/plans/promotions.