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The early childhood programs at Podar Jumbo Kids are designed to give children the correct stress-free environment, personal attention and scientifically formulated schedule of activities to nurture their growing brains. Appropriate socio-emotional care is given to each child to help him develop the right inter- and intra-personal intelligence.

  1. Motor Skills Development
  2. Water Play – aids fine motor development and fulfills relaxed exploration needs.
  3. Sand Play – develops hand-eye co-ordination, tactile experiences and exploration
  1. Social and Emotional Development
  2. Parachute Play – to develop both fine and gross motor skills, and enhance    listening skills pro-social behavior and the ability to follow instructions. Nurtures  pro social behavior skills.
  3. Yoga – helps children relax, rejuvenate, and indulge in fun and frolic
  1. Language and Literacy
  2. Readers Make Leaders – a reading corner for your child that holds a number of international children’s books so your child can spend his time productively.
  3. Glenn Doman Reading – an internationally acclaimed, time tested method to develop your child’s sight-reading skills.
  1. Numeracy
  2. Block Play – assists in enhancing recognition of colors, shapes, sizes and weight.  Helps enhance eye – hand co-ordination, sequencing, sorting skills.
  3. Role Play – helps children to understand the world, their family, people who help them and aid them in understanding the roles that people play and will also develop a child’s growing symbolic play which will help him with literacy, numeracy and other essential.
  1. Discovery of the world
  2. Drama/Elocution – give your child confidence and help in expression skills.
  3. Puppet Shows – engage all the 9 intelligences. They expose children to essential language skills, promote thinking skills, engage them in listening to language, and develop essential resolution skills. They are apt component of our early childhood development.
  1. Creative and Aesthetic Expression
  2. Art Exploration – with activities like painting, collage, drawing, clay art, spray paint painting, tissue art and even projects on ipad.