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Based on a unique philosophy of ‘Kiducation’, Podar Jumbo Kids nurtures children and creates environments for growth that are developmentally – appropriate for each child.

The early childhood care program at Podar Jumbo Kids is committed to give children the correct stress free environment, personnal attention and scientifically formulated program of activities. that help the child’s growing brain and socio-emotional care that will help each child develop the right inter and intra personal intelligence.

When a parent enrolls a child at Podar Jumbo Kids – Early Childhood Centre he/she is gifting his/her joy of childhood.


A child born with more than 100 billion brain cells! But this usable intelligence is not determined by the number of brain cells. Rather it’s determoned by the number of connections that are made between these barin cells. These connections are formed by the experiences and thought we give to our children in the early years. Sensory experiences actually grow new branches on the billions of active cells that make up a human brain. When a child does any activity at Podar Jumbo Kids, it contributes directly to his physical, emotional or intellectual development.

98% of brain development happens in the first 6 years and that is why we give importance to brain based activities and techniques at Podar Jumbo Kids.

To help parents understand how to nurture the childs growing brain we have a Brain Expert on our panel – Dr Stephen Rushton from the University of South Florida, USA

  1. Positive emotions enhance memory Hence We ensure that children are always happy, smiling and joyous at Podar Jumbo Kids.
  2. Our bodies release harmful chemicals under stress These chemicals are not good for the brain. So no threats, punishments or excessive competitions at Podar Jumbo Kids. Every child is a winner.
  3. Diet activates memory So we have a daily menu for snack time. And no wafers, or soft drinks at Podar Jumbo Kids….
  4. Novelty boosts memory So puppets and other fun aids are used by mentors at Podar Jumbo Kids.
  5. Small muscle exercise stimulate brain growth So scissoring activities, sand play and water play are important activities at Podar Jumbo Kids.
  6. Gross lateral movements keep both sides of the brain working So balancing, creeping, crawling and climbing are a part of the everyday activities at Podar Jumbo Kids.
  7. Aromas and colors also stimulate mental alertness and memory So all our activity rooms have aroma fresheners and each acticity rooms is a visual treat of pictures and colors at Podar Jumbo Kids.
  8. Exercise boosts brain powers Hence music and movement, parachute play and outdoor activities are an everyday activity at Podar Jumbo Kids.
  9. Patient, loving, talkative, caring and generaly happy are the characteristics of adults who support and stimulate brain working At Podar Jumbo Kids kids are happy as there is a great learning environment, a fantastic program and thus this ensures stimulates brain wiring.